Happy Family Safaris

Traveling to Kenya with your children could be one of the most interesting, fun and educational holidays you ever take as a family. At Life Nature Safaris;

  • We are very enthusiastic about family safaris, and are always glad to help work your safari plans around keeping youngest members of your family happy and amused.
  • If they are happy, the safari will be a success for everyone.
Life Nature Safaris Happy Family Safaris

Some huge positives about Kenya as a family safari destination are:

  • Kenyans themselves live in a very extended family society and have an affinity with children
  • Kenya is easily accessible as it is served by major airlines all over the world
  • There are a good variety of family-friendly safari camps/ lodges, with specific family accommodation options
  • English is widely spoken and western food is readily available
  • Travelling with kids may occasionally seem like hard work. However, with Kenya offering such wonderful opportunities for you and your children, any efforts you make are likely to be rewarded many times over