Cradle of Mankind Safaris

Cradle of Mankind

A trip to the Northern Kenya’s Koobi Fora will be an adventure in science – one where the frontiers of humankind have been literally pushed back millions of years. This place is filled with traces of our ancestors. It is a land where two million years ago seems like a reachable distance.

Visitors here will travel in time and walk over ancient landscapes that are millions of years old, where animal communities-including some of our earliest ancestors – once lived.

The Highlights

The place hit the travelers radar in the mid 1980s’s since Dr. Richard Leakey and a team from the Kenya National Museum made discoveries of;
• Homo erectus skull dating back to some 1.5 million years.
• The Turkana boy, a more complete hominoid skeleton suggesting close links to Homo erectus.
• Hundreds of fossilized mammals dating back to millions of years including massive elephants, huge crocodiles and an incredible saber toothed cat.


• Petrified Forest of trees reaching several meters tall with massive diameters suggesting a once rich tropical rain forest.
Koobi Fora has since grown in popularity. The challenge has always been how to navigate the great distances from Nairobi and move between attractions in this dry landscape and nearest camps. Lately more travelers are opting for high-end, privately guided safaris—involving helicopters and light planes to visit this area.
Life Nature safaris founder Peter Liech is one of the few guides leading trips to this remote and secluded site.

When to Go: Year round