June 6, 2017
life nature safaris accomodation Africa
Africa offers a diverse range of vacation experiences with matching standards of accommodation. Camps and lodges are the two main types of accommodation. They are set in the heart of the action, and all have been chosen for their idyllic locations. Lodges are permanent structures with facilities expected of hotels complete with dining room, bar,...
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Life Nature Safaris Happy Family Safaris
Traveling to East Africa with your children could be one of the most interesting, fun and educational holidays you ever take as a family. At LIFE Nature Kids Safaris; We are very enthusiastic about family safaris, and are always glad to help work your safari plans around keeping youngest members of your family happy and amused....
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Lodge-centered vs. Operator-centered – (This is the biggest single difference). Southern Africa Your entire safari experience here is organized by, and executed through, the lodge or camp where you are staying. Here, just about ever protected area is fenced. These fences might enclose parks the size of small U.S. states, but if you walk far enough...
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